Yemeni governorates track health center spending [Archives:2008/1144/Local News]

April 7 2008

Hamed Thabet
SANA'A, April 6 ) Yemen Partners for Health Reform worked in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Population on Sunday in order to provide a specific financial and social system to help decision makers in the health care field.

In 2005, the Ministry of Health and Population launched a US $4 million initiative to improve the health system backed by USAID, the American government's international development organization, by providing financial reports about how much money is spent in health centers. The ministry also began a survey that counted the number of sick and ailing people in nearly every governorate to determine where the funds should go.

Out of Yemen's 21 governorates, five were chosen as sample governorates to begin the project. The targeted governorates are Shabwa, Amran, Sa'ada, Marib and Al-Jawf.

“USAID's evidence-based decision making chose