Yemeni gymnastic athlete clinches gold [Archives:2007/1103/Last Page]

November 19 2007

By: Yemen Times Staff
Yemeni gymnastic competitor Nashwan Al-Harazi obtained on 16 November the gold medal in the gymnastic competitions, part of the 11th Round of Arab Sporting Games currently held in the Egyptian capital Cairo. Al-Harazi secured the medal just as he won two consecutive games over his top rivals from Egypt and Kuwait, thereby making it the first gold medal ever obtained by a Yemeni athlete in the Cairo-organized round of Arab sporting games, which is due to continue up to Nov. 25.

Some days ago, Ali Khasrouf, a judo athlete from Yemen was awarded a bronze in a 60kg-weight Judo competition. This came after his compatriot Walid Al-Kaizari clinched a silver in the over 73 kg-weight judo competition and received a sum of US$ 5,500 as an award from the Minister of Youth and Sports Hamoud Mohammed Ubad in recognition of his superior performance.

Al-Kaizari advanced to the Arab Judo final after he demonstrated strong performance in the preliminary tournaments, which enabled him to defeat two competitors, one from Saudi Arabia and the other from Djibouti. He lost the final to the Egyptian athlete Hussein Hafeez with point difference while his compatriot Mohammed Al-Adhmi was eliminated in the preliminary tournaments of over 73 kg judo competitions.

Before the 11th Round of Arab Games kicked off, Yemeni Minister of Youth & Sports declared good financial awards for national athletes in event one of them clinches a gold, silver or bronze. A financial award worth YR 1 million for the one who gets the gold, YR 750 thousand for the one who scores the silver and YR 500 thousand for the one who secures the bronze, in addition to their being morally honored by the Ministry of Youth & Sports.

On a side note, Yemen News Agency Saba reported that the two athletes Mohammed Al-Sane'a and Mohammed Al-Sharif scored good in their first international participation in gymnastic competitions.

Opening the taekwondo games, distinctive athlete Akram Al-Noor clinched a bronze in 62 kg-weight competitions, thus bringing to eight the number of medals obtained by Yemeni athletes until last Friday evening. One of the eight medals deserved by Yemeni participants is gold, four silvers and three bronzes.

Female athlete Asma'a Saeed secured a bronze in 53 kg weightlifting competitions with 110 grades in the Arab games currently held in the Egyptian city of Aswan. This is the first medal ever clinched by a female athlete from Yemen in an Arab sporting round.