Yemeni hip hop event lets talented young dancers and lyricists express themselves [Archives:2008/1150/Culture]

April 28 2008

Alia Eshaq
A workshop for Yemeni rappers and hip hop dancers arranged by the French Cultural Center and the German Cultural Center in Sana'a began onWednesday, where young rappers and dancers participated in a competition at the Center for Study and Research, where they showcased their talents and were judged by foreign artists. The winners of the rap-off and dance-off were rewarded with training from the artist-judges in their respective fields.

The rappers and dancers battled head-to-head while the crowd of hundreds cheered wildly. The event was so well-attended that a crowd of at least 70 waited by the center's gates to get in, desperate to see the rap and dance-off competition, which was followed by special performances by Yemeni-American rapper Hagag AJ and international DJs El-Jaro from Germany-Emirates and Malik from France.

Participants in the hip hop dance-off will continue to attend a week-long intensive studio with French choreographer-in-residence Farid Berki and his dancers, Ludo and Romu. The Yemeni youths, Ludo and Romu will all dance one of Berki's works on April 30 at the Yemeni Cultural Center.

“This is like an adventure to us. It's the first time for us to come to Yemen and train Yemeni dancers and rappers and we hope that it's going to be a great experience