Yemeni initiative to overhaul Arab League [Archives:2003/656/Front Page]

August 4 2003

The Yemeni government disclosed Thursday the content of its initiative to overhaul the Arab League and enhance Arab solidarity. The initiative states that Arab Union should be established in place of the Arab League with a council to include in its membership presidents and kings of all Arab countries. It also says that ministerial councils for foreign and social affairs, defense, security, economy, development as well as parliament and Shura council should be set with an equal representation of all Arab states.
The initiative suggests also the establishment of an Arab economic council including Arab fiscal fund and Arab justice court. People running such institutions should be appointed on the basis of their qualification.
Foreign Minister, Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, said this initiative comes out of an in-depth understanding and perusal of other experiences like that of the European and African unions. He pointed out that the Yemeni initiative will be presented to all Arab countries for further commenting and study once it is fully ready and complete.
It comes at a very critical time where Arab countries are facing hard times at all levels. The war on terrorism is the major challenge to these countries and their relationships with the USA that occupies Iraq and threatens others like Syria and Saudi Arabia. But, can such an initiative be enough to cure the Arab situation?