Yemeni Intellectuals [Archives:1998/07/Local News]

February 16 1998

‘We received with great astonishment the news of the trial in France of the French thinker Rajaa Garoudie,’ started a letter signed by several Yemeni organizations and intellectuals. ‘The astonishment stems from the fact that the trial is taking place at the end of the 20th century, not at the time of Copernicus or Galileo,’ continued the letter. ‘His trial is a brand of shame and an insult to all the principles and values of which the French nation prides itself. It is a return to the age of the Spanish Inquisitions… ‘ ‘We still hope, however, that the spirit and principles of the French Revolution, which have been a beacon for all free people of the world, will not be obscured by Zionist idols.’