Yemeni islands lack attention [Archives:2005/831/Local News]

April 7 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
A recent report by the General Authority for Islands Protection and Development (GAIPD) emphasized that their mandate has, at times contradicted the tasks of other organizations, leading to confusion in their operations.

The report indicated that the several legislative shortcomings have caused Yemen to lose large investment opportunities and high income from the islands.

According to the report, the GAIPD was not able to develop sufficiently due to contradictory rules and regulations, and suggested that the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation intend to control development of Socotra Island independent of the GAIPD.

The report added that the Ministry relies on international support, which has deprived the GAIPD from support in its activities in the Yemeni islands.

It also accused them of denying the GAIPD its right to develop the islands by excluding them from the first and second five-year plans.

Lack of financial support has halted the implementation of projects in some Yemeni islands.

Forty percent of the population in the islands have immigrated to other places, while 72 percent of those who remain suffer from high unemployment.

A further 42 percent of the population lacks education, schools and health services.