Yemeni-Israeli Relationship, a New Turn [Archives:1999/41/Local News]

October 11 1999

In its previus issue the Al-Osbo newspaper highlighted the development of the Yemeni- Israeli relationship. It mentioned that a number of meetings between the two sides were held in Sana’a and America. According to its sources, some Yemeni Minister and the President of the Cabinet himself met some Jews of a Yemeni origin, some of whom were representatives of Jewish Organizations in America. In the beginning of July, Dr. Al-Iriany, the Prime Minister, met MosaÑ-, The American Jew of a Yemeni origin, and discussed the issue of the proposed fencing of the grave of Al-Shabzy, one of the most outstanding Jewish clergymen in Yemen, by the Yemeni Jewish Heritage Organization. The newspaper denied the news about the Jewish offer to buy the corpse of Al- Shabzy for US$ 20 million. The paper added that a letter was sent by the Yemeni Jewish Heritage Organization to the Minster of Culture and Tourism concerning the proposed fencing of Al-Sabzi’s grave in Taiz. The letter was handed by Salem Kohin in a meeting with the Chairman of the Yemeni Antiquities Authority in Sana’a who expressed his readiness to fence the grave. However, they did not reach an agreement on the finances involved. On the other hand, Mr. Abdul Qadir Ba Jamal, Minister of Foreign Affairs, in a meeting for the Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs held in America, rejected the demand to boycot Dizny Company which represented Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. Moreover, some foreign and Arab newspapers have mentioned that the Israeli government is studying the possibility of encluding Yemen among the ountries cooperating with Israel with which military cooperation is possible.