Yemeni Jews elect Yahya bin Ya’ish as Rabbis [Archives:2007/1045/Local News]

April 26 2007

AMRAN, April 25 ) Yemeni Jews elected Yahya bin Ya'ish bin Yahya as a Rabbi, replacing his father Ya'ish bin Yahya who passed away in a London hospital on April 6 at the age of 83 after he suffered cancer and kidney failure eight years ago.

Yahya told 26 September he made his father a consolation ceremony in Raydah district, Kharf area, and it was attended by Yemeni Jews and Muslims together with his father's friends from inside and outside Yemen including those who were treated at his hand.

He added that such an election is based on religious and knowledge conditions. Further, the one selected as a Rabbi should be knowledgeable about Jewish religion as well as medicine and agriculture.

Ya'ish bin Yahya met his early education at the hand of Mary Yusuf in Hajjah. Later on, he moved to Sana'a where he studied at the hands of Al-Qa' jews earlier to their emigration to Israel under what was known to be “Magic Carpet Operation””.

He was born in Kharf's Bait Al-Qudaimi and has seven children (six boys and one girl). He visited Israel once and declined to go there any more. He also prevented his family from traveling there.