Yemeni Journalist Syndicate Calls for Lifting of Embargo on Al-Tajamoa [Archives:2004/728/Local News]

April 12 2004

Yemeni Journalist Syndicate has received a letter from Dr. Abdulrahman Abdullah, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Tajamoa, mouthpiece of the Popular Unionist Nasserist Party, informing the Union that the newspaper was prevented from printing issue no. 500, dated 5/4/2004.
The Yemeni Journalist Syndicate confirms the illegality of the administrative decision to suspend the printing of the newspaper. It does not approve of the principle of suspending any newspaper, including Al-Tajamoa, prior to referring to the laws that regulate journalism and without the issuance of a judicial decision based on constitutional law.
The Yemeni Journalist Syndicate urges the Ministry of Information to intervene at Al-Jeel Printing Company to lift the embargo on issue No. 500, which is currently suspended without any legal base.