Yemeni journalists stage protest demonstration [Archives:2004/774/Local News]

September 20 2004

A number of Yemeni journalists and right activists protested on Saturday in front of the parliament building demanding their colleague Abdulkarim al-Khiwani to be released from prison.
The protesters described al-Khiwani, a journalist as a prisoner of conscience.
The protesters vowed their protests would continue throughout Yemen until al-Kiwani, Chief editor of al-Shoura newspaper, is released.
The editor was sentenced to a year in prison on charge of violating the press law, while a higher court refused to hear his appeal. They handed over a petition to the parliament speaker, complaining the court's rejection of hearing al-Khiwani's appeal was aimed at keeping him incarcerated longer for political, rather than judicial, reasons.
Three other weekly newspapers have not published papers this week in solidarity with al-Shoura, which was closed by the government, and with imprisoned chief editor.