Yemeni Journalists Syndicate calls for release of journalists in Iraq [Archives:2004/773/Local News]

September 16 2004

The Journalists Syndicate while following up kidnappings of many professionals, including the kidnapping of French journalists and two Italian ladies working in humanitarian services for the Iraqi people is really amazed that the hostage-takers are claiming that it is part of a legal struggle and approved by the Islamic Shariah.
The Journalists Syndicate – as a lawful organization concerned with the human beings rights, and acquainted with all the doctrines referred to by all the Islamic ideologies, and the people's wise men – disagrees with the kidnappers on such acts and deeds that damage the image of Islam in the eyes of other religions, peoples, nations, and cultures. The syndicate calls for justice and fundamental human rights, and calls on the kidnappers to quickly release the journalist hostages and the two Italian lady activists plus the third Iraqi lady. The syndicate calls kidnappers to resort to law and reason as directed by the scholars and wise men who observe the Islamic Shariah, and advocate the peaceful coexistence between religions, cultures, nations. The Syndicate repeatedly, advocates speeding up the release of the kidnapped French journalists, the Italian ladies and all other non-military civilian workers, regardless of their nationalities. They urge this and the cessation of all such acts that harm the struggle of the Iraqi people in removing the occupying force from its land, and encourage the use of all legal means for nations to defend themselves, their land, their dignity and their future.