Yemeni Journalists to visit Iraq [Archives:2003/682/Local News]

October 30 2003

The Federal Arab Journalists (FAJ) and the Federal International Journalists have agreed recently to arrange a joint visit to Iraq in January to show moral support for Iraqi journalists during the under the American-led occupation.
Dialogues are to be made with all parties as well as journalists in order to reassemble them under one unified syndicate.
This has taken place after the dispersal of journalists, particularly since the disbanding the former syndicate.
Mahboob Ali, the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate chairman, chairs FAJ, which is leading the delegation.
Other members of the delegation include Tareq al-Momeli, of the Jordanian Journalists Syndicate, Sufian Bin Hameedah, of Tunisia, and Yehya Qalash, of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate.
The International Journalists Federation is to be presided by Eden White as well as members affiliated to the executive committee.
The federation of both Arab as well as international journalists comes as a positive step to help, show solidarity with Iraqi journalists and help them re-organize.
A joint meeting is to be held before visiting Iraq, in Amman or Cairo.
Contacts have been underway by the federation together with the United Nations and other concerned bodies in order to facilitate the delegation’s visit, and to ensure its safety and its movement when performing their mission in Iraq.
The delegation hopes to bring closer focus on suffering of journalists in battle fields and the visit resembles solidarity with independent news reporters such as correspondents of Al-Jazeera, etc.