Yemeni Jurists Released a Religious Opinion “Fatwa” [Archives:2000/18/Local News]

May 1 2000

26 Yemeni Jurists gave a religious opinion “Fatwa” forbidding normalization with Israel. Those outstanding jurists are “Mufti of Yemen” Ahmed Bin Mohammed Zabara, his assistant Hamoud Bin Abass Al-Moaid, Ahmed Mohammed Al-Shami, Omar Ahmed Saief, Sheik Abdulmajeed Zandani and other Yemen jurists. They believe that we should not normalize relations with Zionists because they founded their state on the Islamic land. The “Fatwa” calls upon all Yemenis not to sell lands to Zionists or allow them to invest in our country. “We should stand against them and prevent them from residing in the country,” the Fatwa stipulated. In addition, the “Fatwa” calls upon Yemenis and Arabs to be cautious from the Jews.