Yemeni Medical & Pharmaceutical Syndicate [Archives:2004/776/Local News]

September 27 2004

The second general conference of the Yemeni Medical & Pharmaceutical Syndicate will be conducted under the auspices of Shiekh Abdullah bin Hussain al-Ahmer, Speaker of Parliament. number of participants reaches 500 representing different medical professions- doctors, pharmacists, and dentists- from all over the country.
The conference which will discuss the internal rules amendments will elect the Head and members of the syndicate board. A delegation from both the Arab Doctors & Pharmacists Unions will take part in teh conference.
According to a responsible source in the Preparatory Committee, the delegation of the Arab Union will monitor the election. Other professional syndicates and local and foreign organizations will participate as well.
The conference will be held under the motto: “Towards effective professional union work, securing rights and participating in developing medical work”. The conference will also listen to both the general and financial reports and discussions.