Yemeni Midwives Association holds first meeting in Sana’a [Archives:2004/772/Health]

September 13 2004

By Akram Ali Al Hindi
For the Yemen Times

There was only a room for standing for more than 120 midwives from all over the Republic of Yemen attending the first general meeting of the Yemeni Midwives Association held at the Sheraton Hotel on September 2.
The meeting was the first step a law stipulated as a condition for the foundation of a Midwives Association to represent interests of all Yemeni midwives. Participants in the meeting discussed and approved the rules of procedure of the association, elected an administrative board, and selected a monitoring and inspection committee. Attendees were eager to see finally the formation of this association meant for addressing their development and career needs and to ensure for them a voice in decision-making about how to improve maternal and child health services. They were also keen to elect qualified and committed representatives to manage and lead the activities of the association.
Ms. Taiz Al-Ba'adani, representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MOSA&L) with a legal background, chaired the meeting together with two members of the preparatory committee, Ms. Fawzia Yousif and Ms. Suad Kassem. The rules of procedure were read out, discussed and endorsed by the participants. The majority of participants approved the board and committee members. Ms. Taiz, the chairperson, deputy chairpersons and other staff members were appointed as stipulated in the rule of procedure. Two additional members were added by the administrative board to increase governorates representation.