Yemeni Officials Block Aid Projects Openly [Archives:1998/26/Local News]

June 29 1998

Germany’s Kfw agreed to speed up payment procedures for Amran and Yarim water and sewer projects. It is a gift of DM 42 million to Yemen.
The consulting firm GITEC negotiated implementation terms with the China Road and Bridges Company. It got a very good deal, especially since the company has satisfactorily implemented similar projects in Zabid, Mansouria, Bait Al-Faqeeh, Bajil, Mokha and Hajjah.
The Ministry of Water and Electricity and the National Authority for Water and Sanitation approved the implementation plan. They wrote to the Minister of Finance on the details. The Chinese company imported $ 2 million of new equipment for the projects.
Then the Supreme Tender Committee put a freeze on the projects citing procedural deficiencies. It said a short-list of tenders was necessary. The German side responded by asking for full bidding procedures. This will take at least one year. “If the Yemenis are not in a hurry, why should we be?” Amran and Yarim lost their projects. Thank you!