Yemeni Olympic Football  Team begins its Training [Archives:1999/14/Sports]

April 5 1999

Around 47 players gathered in the Sanaa Youth House last Thursday where they will begin their training in the house’s internal training camp. Their training will run to the end of April. At the end of the training course, 25 of the 47 players will be selected to represent Yemen’s Olympic Football team which participate in a training camp in Kuwait. The team then will have a preparation game with the Kuwait Olympic Football Team and then with a number of Kuwaiti clubs. All of this is intended to prepare the team and keep it in shape for the Asian playoffs. These are also a stepping stone, hopefully to the Olympic games that will be held next year in Sydney, Australia. Yemen will be playing in the same group as Qatar and the Emirates. The first game for Yemen will start next May in Doha, Qatar. The next game will be in the United Arab Emirates. Several players from different governorates have begun coming to the Youth House of Sanaa for this important event. 
On the other hand, Al-Muraisy stadium in Sanaa is currently witnessing a number of preparatory games under the supervision of the national coach Mr. Hasan Abdulhameed and the goalkeeper’s coach, Mr. Adel Ismail. The Brazilian coach, Mr. Fernandez, is expected to be arriving in Sanaa in the next few days, where he will be training the Yemeni national and Olympic football teams in preparation for the Asian playoffs.