Yemeni Olympic Team Proceeds  with its Training in Kuwait [Archives:1999/18/Sports]

May 3 1999

Mr. Saleh Alduais, deputy of the Yemeni football league, head of the mission of the Yemeni Olympic football team, said that he is pleased by the excellent reception from our brothers in Kuwait. That is actually not something new, the Kuwaiti people who always shows respect and love to Yemenis, and the Yemenis have same feelings towards our brothers in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti official in charge also provided all the facilities to the Yemeni Olympic team, expressing his thanks to Sheik Ahmed Fahed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah head of the Kuwaiti football League, Head of the Kuwaiti Olympic committee who personally accounts for the Yemeni Olympic teams provision, and facilitates the training in Kuwait.
He also added the team has had a complete training and workout program during its stay, which will proceed till May 15th. There is some entertainment, due to the extended duration of the camp, though the players will be compensated for the previous period, which emphasized training only.
The Yemeni team had played two matches with Kuwait and won the first match 1/nil, and lost the second match 4/1, the team also played friendly match with the Kuwaiti under 19 years team, and the Brazilian national coach of the Yemeni team, Fernandez said that they were ready psychologically, especially after the matches played against the Kuwaiti team and the encouragement they got from the Kuwaiti sports Authorities.
Last Saturday, the Yemeni League paid a visit to the Al-Arabi Club and met the clubs administrators and athletes, and congratulated them for achieving the championship and the crown prince award.