Yemeni Parliament condemns economic sanctions on Syria [Archives:2004/739/Local News]

May 20 2004

The Yemeni Parliament, in a statement issued on Sunday, May 16, 2004, condemned the recent announcement of the US Administration to impose sanctions on Syria.
The statement cited that at the time humanity calls for an end to the Zionist crimes against the Palestinians and the ending of the US occupation of Iraq following the shocking revelations of crimes and violations of US troops against Iraqi citizens, the US is escalating the situation by jeopardizing the world's peace and security by imposing sanctions against Syria in line with so-called Punishment of Syria Law approved by the US congress at the end of last year.
Toward that end, the Yemeni Parliament rejects this aggressive US policy against Syria and it declares its solidarity with Syria and calls on US to reconsider this decision, which harms the Arab-US relations and joint interests. The Parliament calls on all Arab, Muslim and international parliaments and regional and international organizations to denounce this US decision. It also calls on Arabs and Muslims to boycott US goods and for Arab Labor Unions to boycott US companies, including loading and unloading US ships and planes. In addition, the Parliament calls on the expected Arab Summit to come out with brave and responsible decisions, which would meet the expectations and ambitions of Arab peoples in confronting the current challenges facing them.