Yemeni parliament demands that human rights organizations visit Iraqi prisons [Archives:2004/737/Front Page]

May 13 2004

Monday, 10 May 2004- The Yemeni Parliament issued a statement regarding the development of the situation in Iraq and the suffering of Iraqis, especially regarding the situation of Iraqis in US custody, which reflects, according to the statement, inhumane and brutal treatment and the unethical values of US commanders in Iraq.
The statement indicated that the misbehavior of US troops removed the mask from the ugly face of the US occupation forces.
The Yemeni parliament confirmed the importance of halting this aggressive policy and of bringing those involved in committing heinous crimes to justice. It called on international human rights organizations to visit the prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanemo in order to examine closely the conditions of prisoners, which violate basic human rights.
The statement called on the Arab countries who have previously signed bilateral agreements with the US not to render the US soldiers to the International Criminal Court to cancel those agreements. The parliament called for ending the US occupation of Iraq and to introduce an international peacekeeping force under the supervision of UN in order to assist the Iraqi people in determining their destiny freely.
The statement stated that US and British practices violate human rights and cancel totally their claims to be the defenders of freedoms and human rights.