Yemeni Politicians Deny UAE’s Intention for Their Repatriation [Archives:2001/21/Front Page]

May 21 2001

A number of Yemeni politicians living in the United Arab Emirates since the War of 1994 have denied news carried by some newspapers regarding UAE’s intention for their repatriation to Yemen. Some official newspapers have mentioned that the repatriation request came in the wake of the President’s general amnesty decision. It excludes the list of 16 who had been sentenced to death. News mentioned that Haytham Qasem Taher, one of the 16 sentenced to death, and the one who supervises the expatriate Yemeni families in the Emirates states (numbering between 500-600) was promised by the Emirates State that they would use their influence to pardon him in case of his return. 
Mr. Taher is among a number of former senior politicians from the Yemeni Socialist Party and officials who fled Yemen in the wake of the Civil War. These personalities have expressed hope that President Saleh would withdraw the sentences against them and issue a general amnesty. But, as for those who were not sentenced, they will decide to return whenever they find it suitable.