Yemeni Public Responds to Charity Bazar for Iraqi Children [Archives:1998/11/Local News]

March 16 1998

A bazaar was held on Friday, March 13 at the Arwa School for Girls with the slogan “Yemeni Children’s Solidarity with Iraqi Children.” The bazaar was opened by the President of the Yemen Women Union, Ms. Atika Al-Shami. Large donations for the bazaar were made by Yemeni women, the wives of Arab and foreign ambassadors in Sanaa, and students and teachers from the participant schools.
These schools included Arwa, Al-Shaimaa, Al-Rafidain, Asmaa, and Hameed Al-Qadsi. Participant businesses and companies included Al-Majdoob, the Society for the Handicapped, Hilltown Hotel, and several others.
“The bazaar is organized to assist the Iraqi people, morally and materially, to help them overcome this crisis,” said Ms. Atika Al-Shami.
“Funds raised will be used to buy medicine and milk for Iraqi children,” she announced, adding, “a number of Yemeni women will be chosen to deliver this aid to Baghdad.”
Ms. Alia Nasruldeen donated some pieces of handiwork and YR 3,000. “Our hearts are with Iraq,” she said.
An Iraqi boy, Ali Mohsen, said, “We are not afraid of the US. More than 1,250,000 children died because of the blockade but Iraq will not be made to kneel.”
Two Yemeni girls, Yasmin Abdulwahab Mahmood and Sala Ibraheem Sabra, said, “We are very proud to take part in this event to help our little sisters and brothers in Iraq who are suffering a lot because they are without food and medicine.”At the end of the event, various prizes were given such as travel tickets, gold jewelry, electrical appliances, and other household items.
Sales were as follows:
Arwa School – YR 30,000
Al-Sabah School – YR 38,000
Al-Shaimaa School – YR 12,000
Al-Majdoob Co. – YR 14,000

By: Nadya Al-Dhafari