Yemeni retreat in Press freedom nearly internationally worst [Archives:2005/888/Local News]

October 24 2005

SANA'A- Oct.26- According to the annual report of journalists without borders 2005 in press freedom, Yemen's score retreated to 136 out 167 of the countries involved in the report. It used to rate135 in last year record.

This report places Yemen in the category of the worst countries in press freedom in the world. These are the areas of the Middle East and East Asia.

The report criticized the absence of private media in a number of Arab countries, pointing out that the people of these countries depend on official media for receiving news.

The report that was issued last week listed improvement in press freedom in each of Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Sudan. Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and UAE, came on top; surpassing Lebanon. The report listed Lebanon as the best among Middle East countries in respecting human rights, in spite of its50points retreat following the assassination of journalist Sameer Qaseer last June. This is in addition to the serious injuries of media woman Mei Shidiaq, in the attack she was subjected to last September.

The international organization said that it categorizes its list according to the sponsorship imposed by the states on their press, in addition to the number of media men arrests. Number of journalists that get killed state monopoly over press establishments and the legal restrictions imposed on press establishments.