Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council to sign economic agreements [Archives:2003/647/Local News]

July 3 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council is to conduct its 15th round in Sana'a on Saturday July 5. The council is to be headed from the Yemeni side by Mr. Abdulqadir Ba Jamal prime minister, and Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz prime minister's second deputy from the Saudi side.
The Yemeni government seeks to get new loans to fund its development projects that are planned to be executed during the remaining two years of the 5-year economic plan 2000-2005.
The meeting comes as the second step to the preparatory committee discussions that took place in Sana'a during the last few weeks. During those discussions, schedule of the upcoming meetings were decided. The discussions aim at finalizing means to start the third phase of a number of educational, health and water projects to be executed by the social development fund. The schedule also included a project for a custom tax agreement so as to avoid dual taxation and a third to encourage and protect investors and their capitals as per the study conducted by the Arab League concerning the unified Arab convention for investing Arab capitals.
The council will also sign a tourism cooperation agreement and an accord memorandum on dangerous waste management. Both agreements were presented forward by the preparatory committee. The council will sign a number of execution programs in the cultural, youth and sports fields, and another agreement between the National Center for Documentation in Yemen and its counterpart organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In the commercial field, an execution program in developing exports and another in technical cooperation in standards and quality management will be signed. As for agriculture, the council would discuss the possibility of setting a protocol for agricultural cooperation and discussing a mechanism for implementing the signed agreements in the terrestrial and naval transportation agreements. Both sides have agreed to work together on eradicating malaria across the borders and to exchange information regarding the disease.
The Saudi side promised to work on supplying and operating Aden's General Hospital and enlarging Al-Salam Hospital by creating space for 150 additional beds. As per the technical education and training, according to the preparatory committee, signing of an agreement in this field is under process.
The preparatory committee meeting examined a feasibility study of electricity connection between the two countries, a project funded by the Arab Social and Economic Development Fund.
It is assured that the bilateral relations between the two countries are in prosperity and developing rapidly through the annual Yemeni-Saudi council regular meetings.