Yemeni-Saudi inlets operated [Archives:2003/644/Local News]

June 23 2003

The government approved last Tuesday an agreement to organize the tasks performed by Yemeni-Saudi border authorities.
The agreement was signed by the interior ministers of the two countries a couple of weeks ago in Riyadh as a direct consequence of the Jeddah border treaty.
Wadeea-al-Aber inlet is expected to be operated after completing the necessary technical procedures.
The cabinet also approved a draft to support the process of determining and documenting the endowment lands and properties. The process is expected to start from the end of this year and end early next year.
The council confirmed its support for the project that is supposed to determine the endowments, properties, moneys and related historical and archeological issues.
The council also stressed on the significance of the participation of the local and central authorities in different governorates in the implementation of necessary measures in this respect in order to effectively achieve the project's goals and to exert great efforts to also support the committees concerned.