Yemeni-Saudi Relations Take a New Tumble: Here We Go Again ! [Archives:1997/45/Front Page]

November 10 1997

Yemeni-Saudi relations are at a new squeeze. Yemeni authorities have come close to saying that Saudi Arabia was behind the recent bomb explosions in Aden. But, they did not quite say it in public. Some officials did say so in private. Eight bombs went off in Aden at the end of October, ostensibly ordered and financed by the Yemeni opposition in exile, MOWJ. The Yemeni opposition in exile is bank-roled by Saudi Arabia, but it is unlikely that the Saudis have sanctioned the explosions in Aden. Yemen and Saudi Arabia had close to signing a border deal. The difference separating the demands of the two sides has been narrowed sufficiently enough leading to expectations of an imminent border agreement. Yemeni officials regularly complain against Saudi meddling in the internal affairs of the country. They point to the continued support given to various elements in the country, especially the ones at loggerheads with the central authority. “Given the back-drop of such Saudi involvement in Yemen, it is hard to continue with the border talks,” said a government source.