Yemeni share big win [Archives:2003/08/Local News]

February 24 2003

Five Yemenis won $85,000 as a price in a cultural competition organized by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development.
The competition was organized to celebrate the Fund’s 40th anniversary in a festivity at the Kuwaiti Embassy on Feb. 18.
Yusif Al-Onaizi, Kuwaiti ambassador and Miss Mona Al-Ayaf, head of the technical and media bureau at the fund, distributed the cash prizes which totaled $150,000 among the first 10 winners, half of which were Yemenis.
One hundred and twenty two participants from Arab and Islamic countries joined the competition.
The names of the winners were announced after a lottery held in Kuwait at the fund’s premises in December 2002.
From Yemen, Ashraf Abdulla Ali won the first prize $40,000, Ridwan Ameen Mohammed won the second prize of $30,000, and Ameen Othman, Abdu Ali Ahmad, and Hisham Abdulla Ali each won $5,000, being the eighth, ninth and tenth winners respectively.
The first and last winners are brothers.