Yemeni singer came under attack in KSA [Archives:2003/647/Local News]

July 3 2003

Police force of Saudi Sibia governorate, Jizan, supported by members of a religious society has recently attacked wedding party performed by the Yemeni singer Faisal Alawi and attended by around three thousand people.
Al-Jazeera newspaper which published the news said the Yemeni well-known popular vocalist Faisal Alawi was performing a singing party at Halla palace when the chief police of the governorate and a number of the religious society stormed the place amidst astonishment of the audience. General Mohammed bin Abduallah al-Warthan, chief of police of the area headed directly towards Alawi and smashed his the musical instrument, the lute and later the incident developed into a violent clash between the attackers and the audience.
The newspaper quoted some eyewitnesses as saying the chief of police fired shots at the audience in an attempt to take the artist out of the palace to a police car.
The newspaper added that a security senior officials had later intervened and had the Yemeni vocalist released from detention.