Yemeni students arrested [Archives:2003/632/Local News]

April 21 2003

A source from Amman told Yemen Times Friday that the Jordanian authorities arrested about 20 Yemeni students studying in Jordan. The source attributed that measure to the students' departure for Syria during the war on Iraq.
The source mentioned that among the arrested students were Mohammed al-Sheelf, Saleh al-Dola, Hadi Garowan and Ali Hassan whom the Jordnian government decided to deport along with 3 others, a matter that deprive them of continuing their study in Jordan.
A number of Yemeni students staged a sit-in in front of the Yemeni embassy in Amman in protest to that measure. Meanwhile the Yemeni consul at the embassy sent a letter to the Yemeni President Ali Abduallah Saleh asking for a quick interference to save the students in Baghdad who were badly treated.
About 35 volunteers, who went to take part in war against US forces and their allies, came back last Sunday.
The Yemeni authorities retained their passports at Sana's airport and released some of those students.
On the other hand, an Arab Baath Socialist party statement mentioned that thousands of Yemeni students who fled Iraq were detained at al-Ruaished area on the Iraqi- Jordanian borders. The Jordanian authorities refuse to let them continue their trip back home despite the Yemeni embassy's interference. The statement also mentioned that around three hundred Yemeni students are trying to leave Jordan because of the harassment they are receiving at the hands of Jordanian authorities.