Yemeni students in India standing their grounds [Archives:2005/834/Local News]

April 18 2005

For more than five decades, Yemeni students have been traveling to India for education, especially in Pune where more than 50% of the Yemeni students study. However, there had been many complaints from the students regarding their scholarship stipends and regulations with the embassy. According to a statement by the Yemeni students union around India exclusive to the Yemen Times, the embassy has treated the students without respect and bypassed their authority as representatives of the students.

Head of Parliaments sub-committee on higher education Dr. Saleh al-Sanabani, who is heading the delegation to inspect into complaints from Yemeni students in Indian universities held meetings with the staff of the Yemeni consulate in Bombay, over the condition of Yemeni students in India universities last week.

Simultaneously Education Minister Dr. Abdul-Salam al-Jawfi discussed here on Tuesday with the Indian ambassador to Sana'a Al Agapurian Karuppaniyah issues related to the Indian community's students in Yemen.

The issues that Yemeni students complain about are focused mainly on increasing their scholarships to suit with the living expenses, and most importantly releasing the stipends, especially that it has been held at the Yemeni embassy's cultural section for more than 4 months. According to Yemen Times sources the amount reaches 400 thousand US dollars.