Yemeni students in Iran complain of mistreatment [Archives:2007/1016/Local News]

January 15 2007

SANA'A, Jan.13 ) The government is withholding the funds for Yemeni students currently in Iranian universities, according to the students.

They also declared they would resort to staging a sit-in before the Yemeni Embassy in Tehran if the Higher Education Ministry does not respond to their demands, aiming to improve their living standard and affording study and books.

Many students told Mareb Press they are subject to continuous pressure from the Yemeni Embassy in Iran and Yemeni security apparatuses when they come back to Yemen, noting they are charged because of their study in Iranian universities and institutes.

The students further revealed their study in Iran is a government option and it can move them to universities in other countries if it is worried about their study there.

They also denounced the mistreatment they face in Yemeni airports upon their return, appealing to President Saleh to prevent such acts.

“We feel sad for the mistreatment we face in airports and the happiness of returning home turns to sadness