Yemeni students in Iraq hold sit-in [Archives:2004/761/Local News]

August 5 2004

Yemeni students in Iraq began a sit-in at the headquarters of the Yemeni embassy in Iraq, on Saturday July 31st, appealing to the Yemeni government to quickly settle their problem. It is said they may go on hunger strike if their demand is not answered.
Yemeni students over there are at the final stages of their study, and about to graduate. Most of them were given free-of-charge seats, and get a monthly income from the Yemeni Ministry of Higher Education (MHE).
But on the coming of occupation, Yemeni students were asked to pay fees. They could only sit in for their exams last year after the government and the MHE exerted considerable pressure. Some of the students are eligible for exemption from fees also. But, there still remains a group of students, currently at the sit-in, who are being asked to pay fees because they were dwelling in the outer districts of Baghdad.
They could not get similar exemptions because the minister had changed late June 2004.
Students who did not pay have been given neither their results nor their authenticated documents.