Yemeni-Sudanese-Ethiopian Summit in Sana’a [Archives:2002/42/Local News]

October 14 2002

A joint Yemeni-Sudanese and Ethiopian summit will be held in Sana’a this week to discuss issues relating to the African Horn, Middle East and Palestine.
Sudanese President, Omar al-Basheer and the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Zinawi will arrive in Yemen to hold the summit with President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
It will also discuss the efforts made to bring the Somali fighting groups to peace negotiations.
A Yemeni source said the summit will also address the issues related to the peace and stability in the region, and the south region of the Red Sea, and the coordination made by the three countries towards these issues.
However, political analysts here have seen in the summit a clear message to Eritrea which fears the three countries want to form a coalition.
Sudan accuses Eritrea of supporting the fighters of the south. Yemen differs with Eritrea with regards to fishing in their waters and interpretation of the verdict of international arbitration court regarding the disputed issue.