Yemeni Teachers’ Union condemns the events in Iraq and Palestine [Archives:2004/729/Local News]

April 15 2004

The Administrative Board of the Yemeni Teachers Union issued a condemnation statement on Sunday, April 12.
The issuing of the condemnation statement came as an expression of the union members' outrage at the latest events and carnage in the Iraqi city of Fallujah and the Gaza Strip in Palestine.
It statement described the brutal activities of the occupation forces in Iraq as being “criminal activities.”
It also emphasized that the occupation “shows the true nature of those claiming to be champions of democracy.” The statement also described those events as “a proof of the double-standard policy”.
The union greeted warmly the “patient and brave” Iraqi and Palestinian peoples, stressing their appreciation for their steadfastness.
The union also condemned the “shameful” official stands of the Arab and Islamic governments in regard to such events. Meanwhile it praised the stand the Yemeni leadership, represented by President Saleh has taken towards those events.
At the end of their statement, the union board members specified their demands as:

1-The immediate withdraw of the occupation forces from Iraqi; giving the Iraqi people the choice to choose their leaders and government.
2- Sending “the American and Israeli war criminals” to trial.
3-Urging the governments of the Arab and Islamic worlds to take a firm stand by the Iraqi and Palestinian peoples.