Yemeni trader murdered in Djibouti [Archives:2006/917/Local News]

January 2 2006

DJIBOUTI, Jan. 27 ) A band backed by a Djibouti big businessman murdered a Yemeni trader over business disputes, a Yemeni official source confirmed Friday.

The source explained to Yemen News, which published the story Sunday, that the Djibouti band deceived the trader, Sa'eed Mohamed Senan Al-Hamadi of Taiz, into going to a remote place and severely beat him until he was comatose.

Al-Hamadi was transported to a Djibouti hospital where he revealed his attackers' identities just moments before he died.

According to the source, Yemeni Ambassador to Djibouti and Minister of Expatriates' Affairs, Abdul Ali Al-Qubati, is closely following up case procedures. Al-Qubati informed Djibouti's interior and foreign ministries and security authorities of the incident and called for them to arrest the perpetrators immediately and refer them to the court.

The ministry is expected to compile a complete case file and present it to the Foreign Ministry for contacting Djibouti authorities to discuss the case.

Al-Hamadi's relatives fear the case will be buried, as the perpetrators are prominent Djibouti businessmen. They mentioned that he had worked in Djibouti since the 1970s and regularly traveled between the two countries, as a Yemeni doing business in Djibouti.