Yemeni troops prepared for Sudan [Archives:2004/744/Front Page]

June 7 2004

The Yemeni government is willing to send troops to Sudan as part of a United Nations peacekeeping force after the Khartoum government reaches a peace deal with rebels in the south, said an official at the Ministry of Defense.
“Yemen is ready to send soldiers if asked to go to Sudan as a peacekeeping force,” General Ali Shater, Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense and Editor-in-Chief of 26 September, told Yemen Times.
The government in Khartoum signed tentative peace accords with the Sudan People's Liberation Army in Kenya on May 26 after two years of talks. The agreement included the sharing of power and oil revenue by both sides.
Talks will resume on June 22 to finalize the peace agreement, and UN forces will be sent to overlook the implementation of the peace deal.
According to General Shater, the number of Yemeni troops that will join the UN forces has not been determined.
He added that Yemeni troops have been prepared and are ready to be sent to Sudan.
“Yemen has a well trained peacekeeping force and is well prepared,” said General Shater. “If they are asked to go, they will go.”
The civil war in Sudan has lasted for over 20 years. Up to a million and a half Sudanese have died and over four million have been displaced.
Yemen has appointed a liaison officer for its peacekeeping forces in New York to coordinate its efforts to assist restoring international peace and security.
Yemen also has observers in Sierra Leone who are participating in the international peacekeeping mission.