Yemeni woman contributes more to agricultural development [Archives:2004/701/Business & Economy]

January 8 2004

The Yemeni woman tops the list of contributors to agriculture in Yemen, especially in the countryside where man's role gets retreated before woman agricultural works at a percentage no less that 55%.
In the Mahweet area for instance, results of studies and field surveys carried out by agriculture and irrigation office in the governorate emphasized that Yemeni countryside woman contributes to the agriculture sector and development by 40.9% compared to man and the rest of family members.
The studies have explained that Yemeni woman takes great care by a big proportion in developing animal wealth and planting seeds, gathering crops and storing grains in addition to household work. The studies stressed that the increase of men's migration and expatriation has made the woman depends on herself and works at a rate of 16 hours a day, distributed between bringing drinking water, gathering firewood, agricultural works, breeding animals and works that yield profits as well as bringing up children.
Non-governmental organisations have embarked on improving the status and condition of the rural; woman and to raise the standard of her living by holding many qualification, training and professional courses for including the woman in development programs in the country.
Among these activities are those carried out by the Woman Forum for Research & Training (WFRT) through holding training courses for non-governmental and governmental organisations in Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Hadramout, Ibb, Hajja, Dhamar and Hudeidah in fields mainly focusing on administration, planning, writing reports, evaluating projects and programs and other courses specialized in the field of human rights.
The activities also include developing knowledge and skill in rural handicraft in a bid to fighting poverty and increasing family income in the countryside for enhancement of sustainable development in Yemen.