Yemeni Women: Poor Victims of solid Customs [Archives:2008/1171/Community]

July 10 2008

By: Fuad Hazaea
[email protected]

Yemeni Women are victims of solid customs that accept no change. While the whole world is moving from a men-based authority to a shared-based authority, Yemeni people have their unique ideology regarding this matter: ignorant and illiterate women can be controlled easier, a false statement with an exemplary truth to its stupid believers. Women are only a mere object to be enjoyed, controlled and enslaved by the perfect man.

Women for men as the night for the day, they complement each other: two sides for the same coin. Therefore, equal education is the cornerstone for a well-balanced society. A one-legged nation is weak and unconscious: never will it stand strong and still. As a great leader is said to be backed by a great woman, a prospered nation is backed by the significant contribution of its womanpower. Without promoting women's rules in all aspects of life, Yemen will never be civilized and developed.

Not all Yemenis have a short-scoped mentality but unfortunately most of them do. A baby-girl is condemned when born as if the girl is a sin and the boy is a mighty virtue. For some Yemenis, especially in the rural and tribal areas, to educate a girl is to bring up a snake that will poison the respected reputation of the family. Putting an end for an expected dishonor, girls are prohibited from their basic rights, to be educated. Why a girl should be educated when having half a brain! She should be kept home, working hard for the comfort and happiness of the lucky man.

If the soft-skin sex is such a shame, should not we be ashamed of our beloved mothers, darling wives, adored daughters and precious sisters? The importance of women's rule in the society is handicap without education. Change is not a bestowed gift but an outcome of cultivation and education. However, illiteracy rate among Yemenis is very high. Many people do not know the fact that women are as important as men. Many families beg in the streets for food whereas they have potential source that was not invested.

During my studies in the USA, I lived for a month with a 76-old woman who knows how to fly, swim, drive, ski tc, but in Yemen a 21-old girl does not know how to open the door of the car. What happened to our Queens whose rights were protected by our religion but corrupted by our customs? Taking your circumstances into consideration, dear mother and sister, I do not expect you to be treated like the western woman but I expect you to be treated as a human being.

Though there are many laws that protect women rights, no vital improvement can be traced. As mentioned previously, Yemeni people have their unique ideology regarding all matters but unluckily they will never be recognized. I do not say that our customs are the only factor of this marginal situation of our queens but the most significant one.

Therefore, dear reader it is your responsibility to cultivate all around you about the women's rights and their importance for the nation and the family alike.