Yemeni youth go to finals [Archives:2007/1100/Local News]

November 5 2007

Despite being defeated by Syria 4-2 on Friday's match in Qatar, the Yemeni youth team goes to the finals of the Asian Cup.

The Yemeni youth go to the final eliminations of the Asian Cup after defeating Qatar 5-1 in the final match last Tuesday in Qatar. They defeated other teams such as Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. They tied with Oman 1-1.

The Yemeni football national team athletes performed well in facing the Qatari team. They raised their score to ten, placing them at the top of their group as the finals approach. The match was decisive for our team, demanding that they win to get the qualification card for the next level.

The Yemeni team excelled over their opponents, displaying their experience and skillful tactics. They played well in the first half, defending their area and attempting to break Qatar's defense based on a smooth and well-built attack.

Smart athlete Ahmed Al-Baidhani succeeded in receiving a good football kick and heading it into the Qatari goal. Consequently, the latter launched several attacks where the Yemeni goalkeeper stood against them.

24 minutes into the first half, Qatari athlete Khalid Muftah scored a goal to tie the game.

However, in the second half, the Yemeni team excelled, with Waleed Al-Hubaishi scoring a second goal in the 72nd minute, followed by Saleh Al-Yamani in the 80th. Al-Hubaishi came again and added the fourth goal 83 minutes into the game.

The second half was ended with a fifth goal scored by Mohammed Guraif, ending the match at 5-1. As a result, Yemen goes to Asian Cup finals.

Yemen previously reached the finals in the 2002 Asian Youth Cup, which took place in the UAE, representing Arabs in Finland in 2003. The Yemeni Youth team was trained by Yemeni coach Ameen Al-Sunaini.