Yemeni youth using technology [Archives:2008/1213/Last Page]

December 4 2008

By: Ola Al-Shami
A small-scale survey including 27 male and female Yemeni youth from Sana'a revealed that many of them, although a majority were university graduates, did not know how to use modern-day technologies such as sending a fax, using a flash disk, or using Bluetooth.

The sample was chosen at random targeting men and women between 16 and 36 years old, through a questionnaire that was given to university students, people in public places, participants of a social event, members of a non governmental organization, and employees in several companies.

The youth were asked whether they knew how to use a certain gadget and if so, when and why they learned how to use it. The survey included ten items which are: sending a picture using blue tooth technology, recording a video using the mobile phone, browsing through the internet, sending an email, sending a fax, copying a document using a photocopier, copying a CD using a computer, using a flash disk and using a DVD player to watch movies or to listen to music. Only 26 percent have used the ten technologies and most of them learned how to use them because it was required by their job. Skills learnt first included photocopying, sending faxes, using the internet as a search engine and playing a DVD. Newer technologies such as flash disks, Bluetooth and using the mobile phone camera were learnt recently.

Another 20 percent knew almost everything, except for one or two technologies. They did not know how to use them, either because they did not need to, such as sending a fax, or did not own the technology, such as using a Bluetooth or mobile phone camera. It did not vary between women or men, but most of those questioned used the technologies only at university level to study or socialize.

Nineteen percent knew just half of the ten technologies mentioned, for the same reason as the above group. These were mostly high school students, who do not need to use such technologies in their daily life.

The final group of 30 percent did not know how to use most of the technologies, while only five percent did not know how to use any of the ten technologies.

University therefore forces students to learn about certain modern-day technologies to a certain extent, while entering the workforce is the ultimate learning phase for Yemeni youth, especially if they are working in a multimedia company.