Yemenia adopts new procedures [Archives:2003/631/Local News]

April 14 2003

A number of procedures have been recently taken by the Yemen Airways Company in order to reduce the negative effects resulted by the war against Iraq.
“The airline flights have been negatively affected by the war at an international level”. Nabeel al-Faqeeh, the Yemenia Marketing Manager told the weekly 26 September, the press organ of the Yemen Armed Forces. He said that one of the procedures that has been taken by Yemenia to counter such negative effects was to merge some of the external flight routes and giving incentive price schemes.
He confirmed that Yemenia remains committed to operate its flight routes to the Middle East stations.
Mr. Nabeel has further pointed out that the increase of the plane fuel costs have increased the burdens on Yemenia and have led to difficult and inappropriate circumstances.