Yemenia Airways expands [Archives:2005/886/Local News]

October 17 2005


SANA'A – Oct. 14 – Yemenia Airways has set up widely important changes in the winter flight schedule which starts from October 30. A number of flights has been added to set out for different destinations. For instance, daily flights to Cairo, eleven non-stop flights to Dubai, and nine direct flights to Europe. In this way, Yemenia Airways covers 33 destinations inside and outside the country.

These changes are part of Yemenia Airways' plan to extend and improve their services. The plan includes better connections between Yemen and the rest of the world in order to uplift tourism, which in turn contributes to a better economy and connection of the Yemeni expatriates with their homeland.

Manager of commerce affairs, Mr. Abdullah al-Mutareb, pointed out that such changes has proved to be effective according to a marketing study carried out by order of the chairman of the company, Abdul-Khaleq al-Qadi. The manager added that operating such airlines is an indication of the company's adherence to fully cover as many distinctions and air cargo services as possible.