Yemenia: e-ticketing among other new improvements [Archives:2006/937/Local News]

April 13 2006

SANA'A, April 12 ) Yemenia Airways announced Wednesday the launch of its summer flights schedule. In a press conference held for the occasion, commercial manager Abdullah Al-Mutareb noted that the summer flight schedule includes new flights and more flights to some destinations.

“Yemenia seeks to focus on enhancing flight schedules by operating non-stop flights and increasing the number of flights to some destinations. For example, three non-stop flights per week will be scheduled to Paris, instead of two. Four non-stop flights per week will be scheduled to Frankfurt, instead of three. A new flight will be added to flights scheduled to Beirut and the like,” Al-Mutareb explained.

Al-Mutareb added that the airline seeks to schedule daily non-stop flights, which can be achieved gradually by adding new flights at the beginning of each new flight schedule.

Regarding new improvements, Al-Mutareb announced that Yemenia will begin using e-tickets from August. “Yemenia is offering its services via the internet. Our clients will be able to book and know ticket prices via the internet,” he added, mentioning that the airline also will use the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) system, which will help clients benefit from Yemenia services throughout the world.

In-flight telephone service will also be added to its services. “Passengers will be able to make telephone calls while on board to any place worldwide. This service will begin next month,” Al-Mutareb noted, among other Yemenia services and future plans.