Yemenia honors employees [Archives:2006/957/Business & Economy]

June 22 2006

Yemen's national air carrier, Yemenia, honored 150 of its distinguished employees to appreciate the hard work and efforts they exerted in improving the performance of the airline services and management.

In the celebratory gathering, Yemenia's Chief Executive Officer, Capitan Abdul-Khaliq Al-Qadhi stated that this honor is not limited to the 150 employees but it is extended to all employees, affiliates and associations of the company.

He indicated that Yemenia has several ambitious growth plans. These include the establishment of a subsidiary specialized in national air transport within the country, in order to meet the demands of the travel industry as well as to promote domestic tourism.

Al-Qadhi has also discussed the various developments in the airline industry including the recent agreement between Yemen and Egypt to open their airspace and allow Yemenia to establish new routes to various Egyptian airports.

Captain Al-Qadhi has also announced that Yemenia has exceeded the current international standards of aviation by receiving the 'YOSA' certification in terms of customer service. He said that this comes as a part of an overhaul process aiming at making the company one of the region's leading airlines, calling on all employees of Yemenia to keep up the hard work.