Yemenia negotiates buying ten Boing (787) [Archives:2005/878/Local News]

September 19 2005

Yemenia started the first round of talks with Boing manufacturing company to buy ten Boeing planes to support the growing requirements of its international fleet.

The negotiations were headed by Captain Abdulkhaliq Saleh Aqadhi, Chairman of Yemenia and executive manager, with a company's delegation headed by Mr. John Mathiot, Regional executive manager for the Middle East and Africa.

Yemenia's desire to modernize its fleet by making a deal to purchase 10 Boeing(787), was discussed in the meeting. Yemenia's plan came within the strategic program that was approved by its board for modernization, and upgrading of services.

Mr. Saleh Al-aoaji Deputy board manager and Amin Al- haimi Deputy Trade manager participated in this meeting which was held lately in Dubai.

Captain Abulkhaliq said that the meeting came after a series of negotiations between Yemenia and Boeing following the offer that was introduced by Boing on their new highly technical (787).

Captain Alqadhi added that these negotiations are the first step towards carrying out their comprehensive economic and services modernization to achieve the company's ambitious plans through the coming 10 years.

Yemenia owners, (51% Yemeni and 49% Saudi), are eager to promote their carrier, to be one of the successful carrier's regionally and internationally, Captain Al-Qadhi said.