Yemenia says pilots’ demands ‘illegitimate’ [Archives:2004/753/Local News]

July 8 2004

An official source at Yemeni Airlines stated that four pilots, 'contrary to the effective laws and regulations of the Republic of Yemen', presented a list of 'illegitimate and illegal' demands of the board of the company. According to the source, the demands were decisively settled by the judiciary that confirmed their illegality.
“However, the pilots refused to abide by the verdict. They abstained from work and provoked other pilots to go on strike. Another verdict was issued by the court to interrogate those pilots them after being transferred to the Public Prosecution.” the source, which requested anonymity, said.
On the other hand, Yemenia Captain Abdulkhaliq Al-Qadhi said that the airline ensured that all its staffers receive their rights fully and that the actions of the pilots would not cause any disruption whatsoever to Yemenia's services.
Yemenia's management confirmed its commitment to the interests of all workers and urged all to side with the company and protect it through all means possible.