Yemenia to launch new flights [Archives:2006/952/Local News]

June 5 2006

SANA'A, June 4 ) Yemenia has made amended its summer schedule for flights due to an increase in demand for flights to Beirut and Khartoum. One additional flight will depart every Monday. A third extra flight to Paris will be added on Wednesdays and will be priced competitively with other airlines.

With the addition of these flights, Yemenia aims to expand its operational net while attempting to provide a distinctive set of services for its passengers, join Yemen with the external world, and participate in developing the tourism industry. In this way, Yemenia would provide the national economy with an inflow of hard currency, link Yemeni expatriates with their homeland, and enhance economic cooperation between Yemen and the world.

Abdullah Al-Mutareb, General Manager of Commercial Affairs at Yemenia, asserted that “these adjustments have been made in accordance with scientific [sic] and marketing studies conducted by respective administration”.” He added