Yemenia’s New Marketing Drive [Archives:1998/42/Business & Economy]

October 19 1998

Yemenia’s new marketing drive is developing momentum. With the third non-stop flight to Paris, the airline seems eager to project a new image, based on a new improved service.
The new Marketing Manager, Abdullah Al-Mutareb, is trying new ways to expand the company’s market share. In his first major effort since assuming his new job, he has decided to convert part of the lobby of Taj Sheba Hotel into a departure lounge -with all formalities performed all the way to boarding the airplane. “The idea is to show the new business class service on our flights,” he said.
“To put people in the atmosphere of the flight, two business class seats will be placed in the hotel lobby. Those who decide to sit in them will also get a chance to listen on a recorded conversation between the Yemenia flight captain and the Charles de Gaulle airport tower.
The simulation has triggered the curiosity of many people who are coming to the inaugural dinner on Sunday evening, 18th October. The attendance will be further boosted by 8 free tickets to Europe – besides other items – to be given as raffle prizes.