Yemenis Angered by  “Rules of Engagement” Everywhere [Archives:2000/17/Front Page]

April 24 2000

The reactions against the Paramount movie, “Rules of Engagement” continued last week all over the USA. Several media organizations reported the demonstrations and described the movie as racist. The Yemeni community in the USA was shocked with disbelief and had to wait for some time before they realized the war that Hollywood waged against them. 
“Why Yemen? Why this particular time?” were the main questions asked by almost all Yemenis and Americans who know and love Yemen. In order to learn the reaction of the Yemeni community and Embassy in the USA, Yemen Times flew to Washington, D.C. interviewed the Yemeni Ambassador Abdulwahab Al-Hajri in regards to the movie. 
“We are disappointed and shocked for the movie. In regards at what can be done, it is so limited. Legally we have a small possibility of winning the case, we are studying all possibilities to try and act strongly against the producers and the movie. However, because the movie is mainly watched by the younger generation, any press release or interview would do little good in targeting this sector of the community.” 
Last Thursday, April 20, demonstrators gathered in Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, D.C. to demonstrate against the racist movie, “Rules of Engagement.” Part of the Yemeni Embassy staff, under the direct supervision of the Yemeni Ambassador to USA, participated in the demonstrations. As the issue of the movie is getting more and more important on the Yemeni and Arab agenda, reactions and responses are expected to intensify during the coming weeks. Yemen Times will be interviewing, Mr. Hussein Ibish, the person behind the organization and efforts against the movie, and will publish that full text of the interview that will include critical questions and plans in regards to the movie on next week’s edition.