Yemenis attend research methodology course in UK [Archives:2003/07/Local News]

February 17 2003

Five staff members of each of Sana’a and Aden Universities are leaving to the UK on the first of March to attend a 12-week course on Research Methodology at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) in the UK.
This is the first time Yemeni students are enrolling in a British university to assist them in their recently developed PhD program in both Yemeni universities. The course aims at providing students with necessary research skills and knowledge to carry out their PhD studies. At the same time, the students will have the chance to present their thesis proposals for discussion with their external supervisors from the LSTM. It is planned that the local supervisors will join the group at a later stage in the training course.
The course program is an achievement of the efforts exerted by Yemeni and British institutes to promote cooperation in higher education. Relations between LSTM and the two Yemeni universities have been developing throughout the last 3 years and are being extended for a second 3-year term.
Prof. Abdullah Al-Junaid, Vice Rector for Sana’a University and Dr. Najeeb Hassan, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine are on a visit to the LSTM. Besides their own duties as senior university staffers, Junaid and Hassan have been active in exploring possibilities for further collaboration between their universities and British institutes.